The successful hosting of the Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Limited 2023 Excellent Supplier Conference

The 2023 Excellent Supplier Conference of Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. held on 23 November 2023 at the Qihe headquarters was indeed a significant event in the company’s calendar. The conference brought together representatives from dozens of excellent suppliers across the entire supply chain, highlighting Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. ‘s commitment to fostering strong relationships and collaboration within its network.

Chairman Jimin Liang, General Manager Jieping Wu, Vice President of Procurement Guixia Su, Finance Minister Rongrong Zheng, and Sales Planning Minister Yingli Sun of Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

During the meeting, General Manager Jieping Wu took the helm as the chairperson. He commenced proceedings by extending a warm welcome and expressing heartfelt gratitude to all attending supplier partners. Following this, Mr. Wu provided an insightful overview of the company’s performance, production capabilities, and research and development endeavors.

In particular, he elaborated on the market prospects of two newly developed flagship products: the shield tunneling slag transfer screw conveyor and the coal mine belt conveyor. These innovations represent significant advancements in the company’s product portfolio and underscore Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.’s commitment to pioneering solutions within the industry.

Chairman Jimin Liang stated that with the strong support and cooperation of all our valued supplier partners, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has consistently achieved remarkable progress in various aspects such as comprehensive strength, product quality, production technology, and market position. Looking ahead to the future, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to fostering a spirit of shared development and mutual benefit with all our supplier partners and embarking on the journey of progress together.

Subsequently, representatives from all suppliers conducted on-site visits and inspections to the company’s production workshop, gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s production process level, processing equipment, and software and hardware capabilities. During the visit, representatives from the suppliers expressed their confidence in the future development of Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and were willing to establish deep mutual trust cooperation with the company to achieve long-term win-win development.

For an extended period, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to deep cooperation with upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain to defend product quality commitments, jointly build industrial ecological value, and promote high-quality development in the field of specialized machinery and equipment. Looking towards the future, Shandong Mix Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on product quality and technological superiority, and continue working hand in hand with all suppliers and partners to pursue collaborative development and win-win cooperation.

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