Shandong Mix high-prototyping mixing and conveying equipment helps Sichuan-Tibet railway construction

Behind an exciting century project, a Sichuan-Tibet railway with high expectations, countless people silently worked hard for it. Shandong Mix is also lucky to have become a part of this group. The company’s special high-prototype concrete mixers and screw conveyors are put into the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway project in batches.


The company sent a professional service team to the Sichuan-Tibet Line to carry out return visits and research, visited many units such as the Twelfth Bureau of China Railway, the Eighteenth Bureau of China Railway, the China Construction and the Second Industrial Bureau of China Communications, and had in-depth exchanges with the relevant main leaders to carry out friendly negotiations for further cooperation.



During the return visit, the personnel of Shandong Mix’s return visit group tested the product performance of the concrete mixer and screw conveyor in use on the plateau, all of which reached the company’s high-prototyping special equipment index.

In the communication with customers, the staff of the return visit team also provided professional guidance and advice to the engineering unit on the operation, use and maintenance of equipment to help customers better manage and use the equipment and ensure production.



With higher elevation and higher quality, Mix equipment serves the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Line, a national key project. With excellent performance, stability and reliability, it has withstood the double test of the alpine plateau and construction environment. Mix has been committed to the research and development of advanced plateau equipment technology, constantly breaking through technical bottlenecks, pursuing excellence, exporting seiko products for China’s railway construction, and providing a modest contribution to national infrastructure construction.

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