Learn from example │ Shandong Mix Outstanding Employees Commendation Meeting in the Second Quarter

Recognition of outstanding employees in the second quarter
Learn from examples, live up to good times, and be a “bee” who works hard to collect honey; Learn from examples, devote yourself to your work and take responsibility bravely, and be a “spring swallow” with mud to build nests;
Learn from examples, carry forward positive energy, and be a noble and self-disciplined “Orchid”.


In order to give full play to the exemplary leading role of advanced models and encourage all staff to learn from the advanced, strive for the advanced, dare to take responsibility, and take responsibility, on July 27, Shandong Mix organized a commendation meeting for outstanding employees in the second quarter of 2021.

I. Deeds of outstanding employees in the second quarter


After-sales Department – Li Zhaohui


Li Zhaohui is diligent and pragmatic in his work, good at cooperation, conscientious and responsible


for his own work, pays attention to personal growth, and obeys leadership arrangements. Forge ahead, be willing to help others, care about colleagues, and get along well with colleagues.
As an after-sales driver, no matter how sooner or later, he immediately launched a dispatch ticket to assist the after-sales service to complete the driving task. He has always maintained a down-to-earth and willing work attitude and hard-working spirit without complaining, playing an important connecting and coordinating role in the operation of the company.


Production Department – Jingchuanhe


Jing Chuanhe is an old employee with more than 10 years of service and has experienced 3


relocations of the company. He is conscientious in his work. He not only cooperates well, but also performs well. He loves his job and devotes himself to his work. As long as he is assigned the task, he will definitely do a good job with quality and quantity.
During the work period, I strictly abided by all kinds of rules and regulations of our company, obeyed the overall arrangement, transferred to each section of the spiral, welding and cutting center under the condition of tight staff, got along well with colleagues, won the respect and trust of employees, and was always praised!


Recently, he temporarily seconded the screw for 2 days to train the automatic welding personnel of the appearance flange, which also played a certain role in the normal production of the screw and set an example for other employees in production.


Finance Department – Shi Congcong


As a financial personnel, Shi Congcong is meticulous, conscientious and responsible in his work,


and can do a good job in financial work in strict accordance with the financial system.
In view of the rationalization of accounts receivable management, many rationalization suggestions have been put forward, an age analysis table has been prepared, attention has been paid to the follow-up of accounts receivable, and bad debt losses have been prevented. At the beginning of the year, the scientific research building resigned due to cleaning. During the period when the new cleaning was not on duty, Shi Congcong came to the company in advance every morning and took the initiative to clean the corridor and bathroom on the third floor. He worked hard and was praised by leaders and colleagues.


II Wu Jieping, the general manager of the company, made an important speech


General Manager Wu Jieping briefly summarized the work in the second quarter and made requirements for the next key work. In the promotion of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway with the high- prototype concrete mixing conveyor equipment, the equipment advantages and development prospects of the Mix mainframe in the Sichuan-Tibet line project and the western development strategy are clarified, and then relevant arrangements are made for the recent large-scale delivery of screw conveyors and concrete mixers to the domestic and foreign markets. It is emphasized that we should adhere to the goal of solidly promoting various tasks, actively respond to the impact of external objective factors, and find ways to ensure that the project is completed by nodes.


Mr. Wu said that in combination with the theme of this issue of Mix, we should understand the importance of “doing things correctly and doing the right thing”, take the initiative to make good plans, and bravely be the vanguard of the fortress. The company will continue to encourage advanced and establish a typical work direction, advocate that all employees “learn from examples”, so that more employees who pay silently can be found and praised. At present, in the face of a complex market environment, all employees should maintain confidence and face difficulties, maintain a vigorous mental state and sufficient concentration in their work, focus on improving their professional quality and work ability, adhere to excellence, temper the spirit of craftsmanship, and realize the “two brilliance” of personal and company development. !


III. Company leaders give gifts to outstanding employees Picture / Group photo of company leaders and excellent employees


Ordinary but sticks to dreams, simple but full of power. In ordinary positions, they silently shine with enthusiasm. They interpret responsibility with struggle. They are models of loyalty to their duties, pioneering and enterprising, and examples of us to learn from.

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