ZX-8 Host Dust Filter

ZX-8 Host Dust Filter

The dust filter of concrete mixer is an essential equipment of the concrete batching plant (building). It is equipped with an air suction system, which can quickly discharge the air through the filter element to achieve the effect of dust removal.

Technical Features

  1. How it works
    Vibration suction precipitator adopts the interaction between centrifugal suction fan and vibration cleaning to achieve the purpose of dust removal.
  2. Dust collector composition
    The dust collector consists of a 1.5kw centrifugal fan, vibration motor, vibration disc, filter element, protective mesh, outer cylinder body, clamp, sealing ring, connecting orchid disk, etc.
  3. Use of dust collector
    Vibration precipitator is mainly suitable for indoors, mixing station hosts, mines, metallurgy and places with dust. This equipment has good dust removal effect, convenient installation and simple maintenance.

Equipment parameters

Model ZX-8
Filter area 8m²
Installation dimensions 1550*540
Fan power 1.5kw
Fan flow 1131-2356m³/h
weight 75kg


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