SMJ Mortar Mixer

SMJ Mortar Mixer

It is applicable to the on-site mixing of dry mixed mortar materials, and can meet the requirements of masonry, plastering, ground mortar, special mortar, self leveling mortar and tile pasting. Compared with the traditional construction method, its efficiency is greatly improved.

Technical Features

  1. Continuous mortar mixer is a continuous discharge type mortar mixer that integrates proportional feeding, water addition, and mixing. It is mainly composed of electric motors, reducers, feeding systems, mixing drums, water supply systems, electric control systems, etc. composition.
  2. The mixing blade adopts split-assembled steel wear-resistant blades, which are reliable in performance and have a service life of up to 1500t, which is more than 2 times longer than ordinary blades. After the blades are worn, only the blades can be replaced, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and easy maintenance.
  3. The whole machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast and uniform mixing, low energy consumption, simple operation, convenient maintenance and so on.
  4. The spline design at the connection of the reducer has good co-axiality, strong and durable.


Equipment parameters

Model No SMJ100 SMJ150
Capacity(L/min) ≥100 ≥150
Power(kw) 4kw 5.5kw
Size(mm) 2120*300*400 2120*330*400
Weight(kg) 160 280
Motor speed ≥100L/min ≥150L/min

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