Shield Ballast Screw Conveyor

Shield Ballast Screw Conveyor

The machine has a large screw conveying diameter and pitch, and has the characteristics of large torque, adjustable speed, and the entire internal pressure can bear more than 0.3Mpa, which can meet the needs of most of the shield equipment, and is an excellent choice for the shield equipment supporting equipment.

Technical Features

  1. The bearing seat and the shaft end adopt a split design, which effectively reduces the axial space, makes the shaft end layout more compact, and reduces the space occupation.
  2. The shaft end adopts a labyrinth floating sealing structure, and forms a three-way sealing structure with floating oil seal and yellow rubber sealing ring, which improves the bearing capacity of the shaft end seal and ensures the overall bearing capacity of the spiral interior.
  3. The installation of the mixing reducer and the motor adopts an integrated vertical design to optimize the overall force and spatial layout.
  4. Using large diameter and pitch, can transport large particles of soil ballast.
  5. Large torque, can roll small particles of soil ballast, avoid pipe stuck.
  6. The speed can be adjusted to meet a variety of ballast needs.
  7. The use of fully sealed structure, the internal pressure can withstand more than 0.3Mpa, to meet the internal pressure balance demand of the shield machine.
  8. The inner tube is processed as a whole to ensure the coaxiality of both ends of the shaft, and the outer tube is welded with tooling to ensure the equipment

Equipment parameters

Motor power:  90-200kw(frequency conversion)
Blade diameter : φ900 ~ 1500mm
Blade pitch:  600 ~ 1000mm
Speed:  0~20r/min
Pressure capacity:  0.3MPa
The maximum output torque:  150kNm


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