Mobile Dry Mortar Silo

Mobile Dry Mortar Silo

Dry mixed mortar mobile silo is a multifunctional equipment integrating transportation, storage and mixing functions.

Technical Features

  1. The spoke-type sensor weighing template is used to monitor the reserve status of dry-mixed mortar in the silo in real time
  2. The operation panel is used to control the split type, and the operation is simple.
  3. It is equipped with agitator, which can directly add water and stir the dry-mixed mortar into usable wet mortar, which improves the production efficiency.

Equipment parameters

Weight(t) 27.7
Active witht(t) 25
Presure (Mpa) 0.05
Silo self weight(t) 2.7
Tolerance(kg) <50
Size(mm) 2500×2500×7200

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