MK Twin Spirals Concrete Mixer

MK Twin Spirals Concrete Mixer

Efficient, reliable, fuel-saving, large volume, easy to maintain. The spiral blade design accelerates the overall circulation flow of the mixing material, which can not only realize the circular movement and the axial countercurrent movement, but also form a radial countercurrent movement to improve the mixing quality and efficiency of concrete.

Technical Features

  1. More efficient: double spiral belt blade arrangement, fuller stirring, time-saving and low consumption;
  2. More reliable: the shaft end adopts an oil-free seal and a sprocket chain coupling;
  3. More fuel-efficient: The oil-absorbing pumping station is designed to replace the traditional lubricating oil pump, saving more than 85% of the fuel.
  4. Low resistance: screw pitch design, reduce resistance and reduce material accumulation;
  5. Large volume: the tank is lengthened, widened and raised, and the large arc plate, end plate and bar plate are thickened, with better strength and larger volume.
  6. Fast unloading: lengthen, widen and strengthen the unloading door, adopt pneumatic (hydraulic) mode, unload faster.
  7. Easy to maintain: the top cover is thickened, and it is more convenient to observe the maintenance platform. The inspection port is equipped with a polyurethane board, which is non-stick.
  8. Long-term warranty: The fragile parts adopt more advanced casting processes and materials, which can guarantee 15 million cans and have a lifespan of 3 times that of ordinary mixers.


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The gas seal inlet pressure and the shaft end pressure are displayed in real time, and the intelligent alarm prompts to ensure that the shaft end pressure is normal, thereby greatly improving the stability of the shaft end seal. The internal circuits of the mixer have been installed, and it can be used normally only by connecting various power sources to the motor and junction box.
The inner and outer screw belts are double-circulated, and the various material components of the concrete are fully collided and kneaded, providing better mixing quality and efficiency. The use of the sprocket coupling directly eliminates the influence of small accumulated errors on the transmission stability during the manufacturing process, making the drive of the whole machine stable. At the same time, the difficulty of disassembly and assembly during maintenance is greatly reduced.


Equipment parameters

Model No MK30 MK40 MK50
Feeding capacity(L) 4500 6000 7500
Discharging capacity(L) 3000 4000 5000
Max particle size(mm) 80/120 80/120 80/120
Weight(t) 13.5 17.6 19.5
Power(kw) 55*2 75*2 90*2
Overall size(mm) 4350*2640*2340 4200*2940*2580 4690*2940*2580
Mixing time(s) ≤30 ≤30 ≤30



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