MDA10 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

MDA10 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

Single horizontal shaft mixer is a special mixer developed for light material mixing. It can be used for material mixing in product production lines such as glass magnesium board, fireproof board, magnesite board, cement board, foaming and lightweight concrete board.

Technical Features

  1. High efficiency: adopt a twin-screw belt mixing device to effectively improve the mixing efficiency and uniformity;
  2. Easy unloading: use tipping and unloading method, the tipping angle can reach 100 degrees to avoid leakage and residue during unloading;
  3. Multi-working conditions: adopt a single horizontal shaft design, stirring without dead angles, especially suitable for mixing and stirring light materials;

Equipment parameters

Model No MDA10
Feeding capacity(L) 1500
Discharging capacity(L) 1000
Mixer power(kw) 22
Tipping power(kw) 1.5
Max feeding particle size(mm) 10
Weight(t) 2.4


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