KTSW Dam Project Concrete Mixer

KTSW Dam Project Concrete Mixer

It can mix aggregate with large diameter (maximum 180mm), which is specially suitable for the large scale projects such as dam construction and hydropower station.

The optimal arrangement of a mixing arm at a 60-dgreee angle leads to better mixing performance and improved overall efficiency

The use of high-chromium cast iron for the wearing parts offers the performance-enhancing advantages of wear resistance, durability, anti-abrasion and anti-impact performance.

Technical Features

High strength:

  1. The best torsion-resistant and bending hexagonal stirring shaft;
  2. The reducer adopts the planetary transmission design of heavy-duty spiral bevel gear, and the high-strength spiral bevel gear transmission is stable;
  3. The transmission part is equipped with SKF heavy-duty bearings, and the overall structure effectively improves the service life of the reducer;


Impact resistance:

  1. The fragile parts are made of high-quality thickened high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron, with excellent wear resistance and resistance.
  2. Reducer high-strength spiral bevel gear, strong impact resistance;
  3. Select SKF heavy-duty double-row tapered roller bearings with strong impact resistance


More reliable:

  1. The transmission belt adopts a toothed triangle belt, which effectively improves the transmission efficiency and service life of the belt.
  2. Separate design of shaft end seal and bearing, which is easier to repair and maintain shaft end seal;
  3. The shaft end adopts a maze floating seal structure + automatic lubrication system to ensure the oil supply pressure of the shaft end and the lubrication effect of the seal.



  1. The stirring arm is optimised at 60-degree angle, which is more convenient to arrange the stirring arm in a spiral shape and improves efficiency;
  2. The planetary structure of the reducer is compact and the transmission efficiency is high;
  3. The gear-shaped triangle belt of the transmission belt is more suitable for the large aggregate working conditions and high power requirements in the stirring process of hydraulic coagulators.

Equipment parameters

Model No KTSW6000/4000 KTSW6750/4500 KTSW7500/5000 KTSW9000/6000 KTSW10500/7000 KTSW12000/8000
Feeding capacity(L) 6000 6750 7500 9000 10500 12000
Discharging capacity(L) 4000 4500 5000 6000 7000 8000
Max particle size(mm) 80/120 80/120 80/120 80/150 80/150 80/150
Weight(t) 13.9 15.5 17.1 23.3 25.7 26.2
Power(kw) 75*2 80*2 90*2 55*4 75*4 90*4
Overall size(mm) 3950*2860*2340 4200*2860*2340 4450*2860*2340 5660*3180*2550 6320*3180*2550 6320*3180*2550
Mixing time(s) ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30 ≤30

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