EMS933 Crawler Mobile Linear Vibration Screening Plant

EMS933 Crawler Mobile Linear Vibration Screening Plant

It is a high-efficiency screening equipment integrating material receiving, conveying, screening and other process equipment. Through the optimization of the process flow, it has excellent screening performance. Through the combination of different models, a powerful crushing and screening operation line can be formed to complete the multi-demand processing operations. It is widely used in mine crushing, bridge tunnel, construction engineering, construction waste recycling and other fields. It is suitable for screening and sorting materials such as granite, limestone, concrete, etc.

Technical Features

  1. Optimize fuel efficiency;
  2. Electric drive, fuel and electricity dual-purpose, adapt to a variety of complex environments;
  3. User-friendly PLC control system and color screen, easy to operate;
  4. Spray dust removal;
  5. High-efficiency circular vibrating screen to improve screening efficiency;
  6. The equipment has reliable performance and high output.


Usage: Finished sieve or raw material sieve, suitable for resource recycling of all natural stones and mine ores.


EMS933 Crawler Mobile Linear Vibration Screening Plant workflow



Equipment parameters

Model No EMS933 EMS933L
Product name Crawer type screener plant Crawer type screener plant
Capacity T/H 250 250
Maximum feeding particle size/mm 100 100
Screen layer 3 3
Screening tilt angle/° 20 20
Power type diesel diesel & electric
Machine power/Kw 106 196
Weight/T 40 43
Transport size/mm 19300 × 3000 × 3500 19500 × 3000 × 3500


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