EMI130 Crawler Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

EMI130 Crawler Mobile Impact Crushing Plant

  • It is a high-efficiency crushing equipment integrating feeding, screening and crushing, designed to meet the strict requirements for product quality. This series of products has undergone rigorous testing and is designed for high performance and reliability, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions and provide high-quality and high-quality finished products.
  • The user-friendly equipment characteristic control system optimizes equipment production capacity, simplifies the frequency of operation and maintenance, improves stable production time, and comprehensively improves equipment performance and overall safety.
  • This series of crushing stations includes oil-electric dual-purpose type, oil-electric hybrid type and pure electric type. With a range of equipment options for specific process requirements, you will benefit from excellent maneuverability and high-quality process performance, enabling efficient production in two different applications, quarrying and resource recovery.

Technical Features

  1. Optimize fuel efficiency;
  2. The current sensor can adjust the feeding and optimize the crushing output;
  3. Electric drive, oil-electric dual-purpose or oil-electric mixed use, adapting to various complex environments;
  4. User-friendly PLC control system and color screen, easy to operate;
  5. For the impurities in the feed, the iron remover can sort and transport the iron impurities to the outside of the equipment;
  6. With overload protection function, it can reduce the damage rate of hydraulic components and main engine crushing components;
  7. Large crushing cavity and high inertia rotor increase crushing capacity.

Equipment parameters

Model No EMI130L EMI130
Produt Name Crawler type Impact crusher plant Crawler type Impact crusher plant
Capacity T/H 250 250
Maximum Feeding particle Size/mm 1000×600 1000×600
Discharging particle Size/mm 0-200 0-200
Power type diesel & electric hybrid
Returning Charge Yes Yes
Machine power/Kw 364 364
Weight /T 72.5 65
Transport size/mm 22300 × 3495 × 4010 19560 × 3200 × 3900


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