EKH1211 Modular Hammer Crushing Plant

EKH1211 Modular Hammer Crushing Plant

  • It is a newly developed special crushing station for mixing plants, which is suitable for crushing and screening batches of rubble, solidified cement blocks, and construction waste.
  • The main engine adopts the mature hammer crushing and screening equipment in the industry, which integrates crushing, screening and dust removal. As an auxiliary equipment of the mixing station, it is suitable for the supply of sand and gravel in various mixing stations.
  • It is suitable for rock materials with medium hardness below 600mm, and the production capacity is 150t/h.

Technical Features

Eco friendly:

  1. Act as an auxiliary equipment of the mixing station, energy saving and environmental protection;
  2. Closed design, equipped with dust removal;
  3. There is a sprinkler device at the unloading point of the belt to reduce dust spillage.



  1. Low purchase cost;
  2. Fast cost recovery;
  3. Large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency;
  4. Low maintenance cost;
  5. Realize the reuse of waste materials and reduce the cost of aggregates.


Easy to use:

  1. Modular design, highly integrated;
  2. High productivity and easy operation;
  3. Small size, easy to transport;
  4. It occupies a small area and does not affect the production of the mixing station.



  1. Mature hosts and vibrating screening equipment in the industry;
  2. The output size is adjustable and the application range is wide;
  3. Stable performance;
  4. High-performance plates for structural parts.

Equipment parameters

Model No EKH1211
Product name Modular hammer crusher plant
Capacity T/H 150
Maximum Feeding particle Size/mm 400
Discharging particle size/mm 0-70
Power type electric
Machine power/Kw 190
Weight /T 63
Transport size/mm 22000×3300×4000


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